Youth & Beginners


• Fundamentals

• Ball Handling

• Shooting 

• Group skill sessions 

• 1-on-1 skill work

• Essential X & O basics

• All the basics!


NXT Prep: High School & AAU Teams 


• Strength and power training

• Preparatory, re-defining drills

• College-specific workouts to prepare for the next level

• Intense group sessions that challenge our athletes to their maximum performance zone 

• Ball handling development

• Basketball-specific resistance and speed training 

• Team workouts and preseason programs to prepare you for your season and give you an edge


NXT Elite: College & Pro 


• NBA skill development

• NBA Combine Preparation

• Tests and Analysis 

• Nutrition and strength & conditioning

• Workouts tailored to position and body type

• Flexibility and core training 

• Re-defining and honing techniques